• Fortinet delivers high security across the IT infrastructure. 
    Their new product, the FortiWLC controller, was created to optimize traffic across the wireless network.
    They wanted to create a simple yet engaging animation, and our team was ready to fulfill this task.
    But how to explain the advantages of a new technology to a non-technical person?
    How about: by showing the system working seamlessly under challenging conditions.
    The truth is, we had a lot of fun with this one!

  • Art direction: Rafał Blecharz
    Copywrite: Maria Pawlikowska, Jerzy Łanuszewski
    Key illustration: Ewa Ciałowicz
    Storyboard: Małgorzata Jeniec
    Animation: Katarzyna Granica
    SFX: Jan Kwapisz / Nagrywarka
    Production Manager: Mikołaj Błoński, Dawid Gaweł 
    Client Service: Piotr Zapałowicz

    Thanks for watching!​​​​​​​