Zumtobel Annual Report 18/19

  • Zumtobel is a manufacturer of lighting systems and components, based in Dornbirn, Austria. The 2017/18 annual report was inspired by light and shadow. The visual language mixes gradients, typographic play and color. The edition comes in two forms: standard and limited. Annual reports are arrayed with 20 prints featuring phrases.
  • Agency: Sagmeister & Walsh
    Art Direction: Jessica Walsh
    Production: Erica Grubman, HeeJae Kim
    Book Design: Shy Inbar, HeeJae Kim
    Print Design: HeeJae Kim, Shy Inbar, 
    Daniel Brokstad, Stefan Hürlemann, 
    Juan Carlos, Lina Forsgreen, 
    Anthony Velen, Cory Say, Farih Hardal
    Animation: Yaya Xu, Anthony Velen