Dreamhack Showdown

  • DreamHack Showdown logo design
  • This year I had the pleasure to work with DreamHack on a new project Showdown. It is a multi-stop CS: GO tournament, that features 8 teams on-site at selected DreamHack festivals.

    Client: DreamHack, through brand design director Jacob Lundmark
    Logo design: Denis Davydov | Dlanid
    Photo: Fredrik Nilsson


  • Brief

    During our first conversation with Jacob he said that we have only 3 days to get the job done. It was a real challenge to me, but I didn't have to worry because the brief was really nice and clear. 


  • The Showdown logo is a part of Dreamhack's brands so it should be well fitted with the whole family.

  • Preferred logo shape and colors were proposed by a client

  • Sketching

    We had not very much time, so after studying the brief I started the sketching process. As far as possible, I followed the task and came to 3 different concepts of the future Showdown logo.

  • Vectors

    As the result, the final vectors were delivered in time - main full colored logo, one-color on black, one-color on light backgrounds and also only the title.


  • Final

    The deadline was pretty tight and all the work including sketching, vectoring and edits supposed to be done within 3 days. So we did it and I'm very happy with the result. Many thanks to Jacob Lundmark, Fredrik Nilsson and whole the DreamHack team!


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