Réseau Express Métropolitain - OoH

  • Réseau Express Métropolitain
    Out-of-home advertising

    The Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) is a rapid transit system under
     construction in the Greater Montreal area around Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
     Invited to bid for the out-of-home advertising contract, Astral Media mandated TUX to
     realize a communication package that would showcase its innovative vision for the project.

  • Project trailer

    Careful to maximize the efficiency of its displays while minimizing visual pollution in the stations, 
    Astral's implementation strategy relies on its understanding of users and their daily commute. 
    Further than eloquently representing the products in-situ, the promotional trailer aims to reproduce 
    the journey of a worker commuting downtown at dawn and returning home at night.


  • Presentation Package

    In addition to Astral's proposition for the bid, the package had to include over 150 annotated technical drawings. 
    Aiming to turn this constrains into an experience, we created a custom-made binder that unites both elements, 
    thus insuring how the document is read while allowing the jury to go back and forth easily.

  • Agency: TUX Creative
    Art Direction & Design: Samuel Larocque
    Graphic & Technical Design: Guillaume Proteau-Langlois
    Director, Photography & Lighting: Benjamin leGentil
    Assistant Editing: Yann Ledourner

    Modeling & Texturing: Christian Gervais
    Client & Project Management: Laurent Guez