Uniqlo Heattech

  • I participated this project for Uniqlo at Buck as a fabric material look development artist. 
    I worked with the art directors to recreate the heathering fabric effect in Maya with V-ray. 
    In the final render we had to transfer the shading network into Cinema 4D. 
    The end result was pretty cool with the Houdini cloth simulation!
    We also get to see our final work across all the international Uniqlo store!  

    Please enjoy the short here!
  • Here are some beauty shots from the film.
  • The following shots are the ones I worked on. 
    It is pretty challenging to simulate a real fabric!
  • Here are my favorite parts of the spot, the heat spreading effect!
  • Do you feel the heat now :) ?
  • These are the store display records from Soho store in New York!
  • Here are the work in progress in Nuke and Maya.


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