Spotify Pride

  • Spotify Pride
  • Every year during Pride month, Spotify launches a global campaign dedicated to the LGBTQ+ audience, featuring an extensive list of themed playlists and a series of actions and events around the world. The campaign is visually updated in each edition, and I was invited by the Spotify team to develop the visuals for this year's Pride.

    Our proposal pays homage to the main symbol of the LGBTQ+ movement: the Pride rainbow flag. Using the rainbow colors as a starting point, I was able to express the energy and movement of Pride in a series of dimensional visuals, used as static and motion assets in playlist covers, street posters and even as backdrop for live drag performances. The result was a memorable identity that carries the very essence of the LGBTQ+ movement: bold, loud and proud.

  • Creative direction: Alexandra Sobiecki, Jil Slander
    Design direction: Felipe Rocha
    3D and Motion: Pedro Veneziano

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