adidas Run For The Oceans '19

  • Run For The Ocean '19 is a global adidas-led initiative, where for every 1km run between June 8th (World Oceans Day) and June 16th adidas donated $1 towards Parley Ocean School – an extracurricular program that aims to educate the next generation of ocean activists.

    For RFTO ‘19, we created a crafted visual language for the biggest asset publishing campaign in adidas history. A socially charged and PR-driven activation that aimed to not only start the conversation in culture but also add as much urgency to this global plastic problem as possible. 

    To represent the collective voice and urgency, we applied typographic repetition combined with a photography approach that captured new running in a real, raw and authentic way. In addition, we used ocean-inspired and wrapped plastic textures to unify all the visual language elements.

    Using the voice and global influence of adidas ambassadors such as David Beckham, Karlie Kloss and Mo Salah we drove mass participation on an unprecedented scale. Over a 9 day period, 2.2 million people ran over 12.6 million kilometres, a 240% increase from 2018. Our content received 24 million video views and sparked over 300 activations across 62 countries - creating a truly united voice against marine plastic pollution.

  • Strategy: Brand Articulations
    Agency: Studio Lore
    Production company: Whale
    Photographer: Ben Clement
    Filmmaker: Nathan Ceddia
    Illustrator: Eze Mateo


    Strategy: Brand Articulations
    Agency: Studio Lore
    Production company: Bullion Productions
    Director: James Willis

    Role ⟶ Art direction and design
  • Att.