The Garage Monks brewery identity & illustration

  • The Garage Monks brewery was founded in the mid 2018 by four guys who decided to show their beers to the public after few years of brewing in their own garage. They expected the brand to reflect the fact that they're regular folks full of passion that was born in the garage. At the same time they search for new receptures and pay close attention to quality of ingredients added to their beers - just like patient monks. That's where combination of Garage & Monks came from. 

    On the other hand American craft beer culture (and the fact that USA is place where beer revolution started) was major inspiration for founders and they wanted to make it visible in brewery identity.

    Expectations listed above leaded to illustrative labels full of relations to American popculture in grunge and dirty style.

    Project included creating full visual identity (logo, stationery etc.), website, illustrative labels, trade show booth walls & more.

  • Booth wall design showing brewing process (2.4 x.3.5m)
  • Photo by Takie Krafty
  • Pencil drawing >>> label illustration
  • Photo by Takie Krafty
  • Booth wall illustration design (2.4 x 4m)
  • Label illustration style exploration
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