• SummerTime’s a personal project, realized in my spare time, between June and August. 
    Designed among a hottest and the other rainy days.
  • 12 scenes: of the early day preparation, to arrive on the beach, until the fateful such time as then when putting your umbrella and you glimpse the sea.
    A series of sequence that can be used singly,  in part, and/or interchangeable within the storyboard.
  • 2 Palette of colours to stand out the environments.
  • A illustration’s style that, through simple geometric forms, try to be charming and gentle, lively and appealing​​​​.

  • A particular emphasis on movements to reinforce the animations; a moving background to ensure most dynamic scenes.
  • It promised to be a wonderful summer.
    Have a fun! 

  • To see more works: