SHUMKA // Robot 3D model

  • My goal was to create a robot character for the shop Shumka selling and installing automobile noise insulation materials. This materials are called shumka in Russian slang. In English, shum translates to noise.

    I needed to create a 3D model with textures for further transfer of this model to client.
    Approved by client
  • 3D model
    You can watch it from different angles in real time
  • Concept
    The original idea was to create a robotic assistant in a car repair shop, which was made from improvised things and old car parts. But in the final result, the client decided to remove some details and to make it less like handmade robot.
  • Reference
    The main colors of client's company are yellow and dark gray, so I took Bumblebee (Transformers) as reference. Unlike a transformer, my robot shouldn't have looked like a combat vehicle.
  • Head variants
    The client wanted the robot to be with something similar like sunglasses
  • Previous variant
    In some details, I like this version more than the final variant
  • Sketches
    The client also wanted to place the logo on the robot chest like Superman had. The robot like Superman always helps in the car repair shop.
  • Thanks for Watching!
    I hope you enjoyed the project!