• New issue of Booklet magazine is coming!

    The new issue of Booklet magazine is available at Anna Nova gallery. 
    The topic of issue is J – is for Jokes. We write about humor in art, highlight most important art events, interview curators and collectors. You will find ironical artworks, funny stories by gallerists and curators and more. 

    The issue's headline is J – is for Jokes and it is created in collaboration with Alexander Dashevskiy. 
    Come and get yours!
  • Material & Printing
    Paper: Munken Print 115g, Cardboard.
    Technologies used: Screen printing, offset printing, book binding.

    Art direction & graphic design: Sonia Grin
    Editor: Sasha Karpova
    Editorial assistant: Alice Aleinikova
    Printed in: Harmony

    Photographer: Alexey Bogolepov & Monica Dubinicate
    Set design: Sonia Grin
    Set design assistant: Anastasia Maryeva

    Special thanks to Alexey Bogolepov & Anastasia Maryeva 
    <33 u guys!

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