Fiestas de Coslada | Posters

  • DIEGO MORATALLA → Local Festivals in Coslada

    Description: Proposals for the two biggest festivals taking place in the Spanish town of Coslada, near Madrid: the "Fiestas Mayores" and the "Fiestas de San Isidro"; unified by the chromatic range of pastel colors and the friendly use of geometric shapes.
    Format: Poster (2) — 500 × 700 mm
    Typefaces: Labil Grotesk by Kometa and Canopée by VJ Type
    Done for: Contest organized by Coslada City Council (Madrid, Spain)

  • Credits: Inspo image — Facebook emoji catalogue, Smiling Sun by Anne Lund and Soren Lisberg, illustrations by Ed Castellanos, Miguel Ángel Camprubí and Aníbal Hernández


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