Mopedoo – visual identity proposal

  • Mopedoo
    visual identity proposals
  • Author: Michael Dolejš
    Font: Custom
    Type: Visual identity
    Winter 2018

    Branding proposals for upcoming scooter startup, where I was hired to come up with few concepts for their branding for both print and digital, but also applied on their vehicles. Here is one of the final logotypes I presented to the client, which is based on custom italic typeface and symbol, that combines two M letters together. 
    Other proposed versions can be seen as applied on the scooter mockups. 

    The client, however, decided to go with their own version of one of the logo proposals. Presented logotypes aren't finished and were taken from unfinished work in progress.
  • Open for collaborations.

    Currently looking for new freelance project. 
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