Tape printer

  • Fun tape printer - 2017 -

    Teemoer is a new type of label printer. It is a device specially designed for the editors of the account. The teemoer and the mobile phone can be started to work normally after being connected via Bluetooth. Usually, the desktop can be used as a decoration without using it. The teemoer is mainly used. Simple line drawing, appearance respects classic Sony, Apple's design concept, battery external design is to maintain the overall aesthetic and more convenient to disassemble and replace, matte plastic and high-gloss plastic match, a strong and weak contrast It also makes the product more fashionable and elegant.
  • The target audience is 16-29 year old hand account enthusiasts, secondary yuan aficionados, empty nest women, and exquisite management seekers for life. They like to plan and record their own lives, and better record their account books.Planning to manage your own life. They have a strong desire to learn, have a unique pursuit of beauty and formalism, and pay great attention to the pursuit of quality of life. Therefore, in the design process, we must be able to meet the aesthetic sensation they pursue, and increase the platform for social and learning, and more diverse knowledge.
  • 1.Conventional geometric shapes,keeping simple design trends,reducing surface changes,returning to calm, but not losing personality.
    2.Plastic-based, clean and fresh, more attention to details of the material contrast, a variety of materials, highlights personalized.
    3.The color is mainly macarons,which is natural and vitality,highlighting the target group·s youth,freedom,activeness and positiveness.
    4.Mainly highlights, light scrubs, partially polished, cd lines, more natural textures, making products more refined and elegant.​​​​​​​
  • Design sketch
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