Locomotive 2019 - Website

  • With more than a decade of experience, Locomotive has become a leader in digital experiences, web design and branding. Locomotive stands apart from other agencies and offers a wide array of creative and strategic services for brands, companies, foundations and other remarkable organisations. We assist and educate our clients in making the best use of the solutions we build with them. Work hard, play harder, but never play it safe.

  • Project Management — Maxime Moulin
    Creative Direction — Louis Paquet & 
    Dust™ Leblanc
    Art Direction — Louis Paquet
    Design — Frédéric Marchand, Marie-Christine Dion
    Videos — Dimitri Guedes
    Strategy —
    Dust™ Leblanc
    Front-end Development — Quentin Hocdé, Antoine Boulanger, Deven Caron & Jérémy Minié

    Back-end Development — Dominic Lord
    Copywriting — Philip Mack, Gwenaelle Scorta