Diplo Cafe-Bar Rebranding

  • The Client
    Central cafe-bar in the heart of Athens, Greece and one of the most historic gathering spots of the city’s day- and nightlife since 1989.

    The Objective
    To redefine the cafe’s aesthetic tone and brand voice towards the night-and-day wanderers of the city, acquiring a more nightlife and youthful feeling.

    The Solution
    The new logotype’s design is mainly based on typography, encasing a threefold concept behind the II symbol. Since “diplo” in Greek means “double”, II is called to work as the Greek letter “π” as well, in order to replace its phonetic counterpart “p”. At the same time, it also stands for the latin number “II”, while visually rendering the “double” concept. Regarding the brand identity’s color palette, black and white elements highlight and complement interior space’s canvas, which mainly consists of earthy hues.