• This is a zine by and for a bunch of graphic geeks. Each section is daily report comes with photos, illustration and fascinating information of originality and creativity of the Japanese.

    11 days of awe-inspiring trip on japanese arts, architecture, observation points, parks, shopping streets, toys haven, museum, even places which don’t get a mention elsewhere. Japan is like a maze full of hidden gems ready to fulfill visual cravings!

  • Year : 2019
    Director : Rege Indrastudianto
    Writers : Lutfi Aufar, Rakhmat Jaka, Ratna Yuriasari
    Editors : Asto Adiprastowo, Nadia Sarah Cahyanda, Ratna Yuriasari
    Graphic Designers : Lutfi Aufar, Rakhmat Jaka, Raihan Ki Agoos
    Illustration : Mahdi Albart
    Photographer : Ayu Widjaja, Lutfi Aufar, Rakhmat Jaka, Yudit Halim