Various Editorial Illustrations III

  • Various Editorial Illustrations III

    A series of conceptually-charged editorial illustrations for clients such as Cincinnati Magazine, TED, Institutional Investor, Footwear News, and Sierra Magazine. These were either published as online-only digital illustrations, or both digital and in print.

    All pieces done with Procreate on the 12.9" iPad Pro and finished in Adobe Photoshop on a Windows PC.
  • A Fire in Pleasant Ridge
    Client: Cincinnati Magazine
    AD: Zach Ghaderi

    A full-page comic showing the hectic craziness that was the untamable fire at Coffee Exchange in Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati. The art director suggested several different vignettes to capture all of the different events that had happened that day, in a way that would allude to chaos and disruption.
  • Why Changing How We View Pain is The Key to Addressing The Opioid Crisis
    Client: TED
    AD: Sacha Vega

    Too many of us, too often, think of pain as something that needs to be eliminated, at any cost. But we — doctors, patients, drug makers, and all of us — can be part of a much-needed shift that  questions this attitude, says bioethicist Travis Rieder.
  • Family Offices Are Torn: Secrecy or Deals?
    Client: Institutional Investor
    AD: Jeremy Leung

    Some ultra-rich investors are spurning private equity funds to go direct — which means visibility. 
    Family offices for super rich people are going around private equity firms to avoid the fees, and working with these cheaper entities (called independent sponsors) to invest in deals/companies directly. It’s riskier, but private equity firms are greedy and family offices can take big risks.
  • Buyout Firms Are Gorging on Credit
    Client: Institutional Investor
    AD: Jeremy Leung

    Private equity firms get paid lavish amounts in fees to do private equity work: buy companies, combine them, make them more valuable & sell them. Now, many of the biggest private equity firms are getting huge into credit. What will be the fate of these private equity firms?
  • Taking Pride: Brands Are Supporting LGBTQ Inclusion Like Never Before
    Client: Footwear News
    AD: Jessie Fitzgerald

    “The days of simply slapping a rainbow on your packaging and calling yourself ‘LGBT-friendly’ are long gone,” said Justin Nelson, president and co-founder, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. “The community demands a yearlong, enterprise wide commitment to the LGBT community within the company and in every market the company hopes to engage.” 
  • My Very Own Wildfire
    Client: Sierra Magazine
    AD: Jessica Meskus

    A man reconciles with the existential nature of a wildfire named after him destroying his homeland in West Texas.