Household water purifier

  • Household water purifier — Graduation project
  • Visible clean water, showing the key links, how to make the biggest change to the smallest change?
  • There will be 1:1 wastewater generation, how to use wastewater to get the job done?
  • EHPRO household net drinker, a water purification device that transforms the “form following function” into the ultimate water purification equipment, a science that combines science and art into the ultimate! She is environmentally friendly and can make full use of every drop of water in the equipment; she is honest and can show the whole sterilization process unreservedly; she is artistic, the tornado produced by clean water, the most touching in the swing Heart dance
  • Existing water purification equipment, mainly uv sterilization. The disadvantage of this kind of germicidal method is that the whole sterilization process is completely closed and invisible, and the user can not know directly with the naked eye the germicidal degree and the water purification effect of the equipment.
  • Dry indoor air, resulting in dry skin, sleep quality decline, allergic rhinitis frequent, dry eyes sour; Ancient mountain smoke surrounded the parable, humidifier has a similar meaning, but in what form he exists is the key to our thinking.
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