Camera-less Photography-Identity Project Theme

  • The samples shown below are experimental self portrait images and also images of my hands using
    Camera-less Photography. The main concept with this series is the idea of extreme emotions and an idea of Chlostrophobia and intimidation and supernatural samples through abstract portraiture.
  • There is a vertical mark up the side of the head slightly above where my hand is on the first two images, which came from the camera-less medium and looks to me like a ghost/ghoul character as it leaves the pretend gun!
    Quite like this as its another humurous take for the work as I didn't want to get tied up in creating serious emotional states as this then can be quite upsetting to look at.

  • The variations of these images show a distant feeling from the character which I like as it creates interesting points for the viewer, particularly the second image.
    Water Reflection Of Hand
  • With the idea of the supernatural related images came a sort of zombie horror idea for which variations of this were also created and are shown below.
  • Lava Lamp Hands
    Overwhelming Light!
    Overwhelming Light 2
    The four images below almost look like a spirit is entering or leaving and so creates a supernatural twist that I mentioned earlier in this post. The different variations as well create different effects.
    Variations and Edits Below.
  • The final image here seems to be the most effective edit and conveys the sudden atmosphere more with the vivid use of black and white and the glow that almost creates the sudden idea of someone shooting themselves and the second bottom layer almost being their spirit leaving or motion of the human body from the action of shooting.