• The main goal of this project was to create Sting (ident) for the UK channel E4, using the skills I have learned during my recent trainings in Cyprus Academy of Arts. Idents and Stings are the short video clips, that are used to play during the breaks on the specific channel. In my work I used such software as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Toon Boom Harmony.
  • I generated a set of thumbnails for girl, bird, boy and big man. Moreover, I created a lot of sketches of different accessorizes of these characters. I did as many sketches as I could to have an opportunity to choose the best ones and combine elements in final design.
  • I used Adobe Photoshop to create characters in digital way. For character rigging I used such plugins in Adobe After Effects as DUIK and Joysticks'n Sliders.
  • First sketches:
  • Digital Background:
  • I created the watercolor houses, but in final work I realized that it is not fit the goal of animation. So I kept it just as illustrations.
  • Here you can see how I made character rigging, using DUIK and Joysticks'n Sliders.
  • Overall, I find this task very interesting and useful to master various technics and programs. I was truly motivated while working on the ident. It is a great way to learn various techniques and softwares.

    Music in video: Ultramarin - Piter FM