ETIQA Brand eXperience Design

  • ETIQA Brand eXperience Design

    ETIQA is a brand launched by "filt", a company specialized in manufacturing filters.It is a brand that is specialized in masks that enables you to enjoy 'clean air' comfortably, based on expertise in manufacturing high-efficiency filters and design suitable for Asian face types.We have developed a brand concept as 'Comfortable Breathing Ware' to convey a mask brand that provides clean and comfortable breathing.Based on brand concept, we defined three core values: 'Easy & Comfortable', 'Eco-Friendly', 'Etiquette'.ETIQA's logo is derived on clean air filtered through the mask filter. And ETIQA BLUE, typography, and graphic motif systems deliver clean and comfortable brand image.We Deliver ETIQA's identity through all design applications that consumers experience, such as packages, advertising, and the web. 

    Creative Director : Myungsup Shin, Sabum Byun
    BX Strategist : Jangsoon Choe, Jisu Kim 
    BX Designer : Hyojin Lee, Hyeri Yoo, Sieun Baek 
    Product Designer : Daniel Kim, Sewon Oh, Hojung Cha
    UX Designer : Yoojin Jeon, Donghwan Lee, Donggu Kim
    UI Designer : Jaehoon Lee, Minjae Baek 
    Developer : Jeonghyuck Won, Mira Jung, Sihyung Park