Austrian Design Details

  • Austrian Design Details
    ... was the motto for the Austrian design exhibition in Milan, 2013
  • "Salone Internazionale del Mobile" is the most important furniture fair in the world. In this context ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA are organizing a large-scale group show for interior designers, producers and craftsman to present their work to an international audience – with the focus on original concepts, innovative materials, special design processes and product details.
    The design process usually starts two dimensional and only requires a third dimension when it's manufactured. This shift is the basis of the exhibition (design).
    The logo is a version of a Necker cube which illustrates that 'the sum is greater than its parts'. A Necker cube is only a two-dimensional drawing of twelve lines yet you see a three-dimensional cube.
    The concept of the exhibition catalog was to magnify an interesting detail of the products – like seen through a microscope – mounted on object holders. Each visitor of the exhibition could customize his catalog by varying the product 'object holders'. Collecting only his or her favorite pieces, the catalog became a sustainable object. A special display wall at the entrance offered 57 cards to pick from.
    Exhibition: March Gut | Print: Mittermueller