• This project is called “BreakFirst”, is to create the awareness of importance of breakfast to
    encourange people to eat breakfast everyday by using story telling interactive website.
    This website is by using story telling to portray the importance of breakfast.
    The target audience are age 18-21years old of teenagers, with hectic life.
    As what we heard the old saying, “ Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a prince, Dinner like a
    beggar”. In the story, I used King , Prince and Beggar as a characters to bring out the metaphor
    that I trying to portray.Throughout this story, it will show the negative effects of not eating breakfast
    and through this way people will be educated and understand about the importance of breakfast.
  • BreakFirst's interactive Website (Screenshot)
  • Home Page
  • King Character
  • Prince Character
  • Beggar Character
  • Wallpaper page
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  • BreakFirst's Promote Media
  • In order to promote the BreakFirst's interactive website, I plan to advertise a short animation which it will be displayed on cinema's pre-movie advertisement section. The website address showing in the video does not exist, it is just a porpose to lead audience to BreakFirst's interactive Website.
    Voice Over Credit :  Cheryl Ng ( Special thanks to her )
    Music Credit :
    ( download from free play music)
    Bach Brandenburg Concerto 1
    No Reflection 
    ( download from youtube)
    Princess Fantasy Faire - The Princesses Arrive
  • Offline Media - Bottle Cover
  • BreakFirst's Showreel
  • The Showreel of this BreakFirst Project.
  • Disclaimer: This project is solely for education purpose only.