• Young Lions Greece  |  The Brief

    18ano is a unit of the Attica Psychiatric Hospital that specialises in approaching addiction through psychotherapeutic methods. We had to create an awareness campaign to reveal the excessive use of Social Media, especially among millennials.
    The moderate use is ok, therefore the campaign shouldn't suggest going totally offline.

    Young Lions Greece  |  Insight & Idea

    It's not always easy to understand how much time we really spend on Social Media. 
    In our proposal for the Young Lions Competition Greece, we tried to depict the negative effects of overusing and overexposing ourselves on Social Media through an unexpected image. Without using any visual elements taken from the digital world, our print campaign captures the signs of addiction that often go unnoticed, revealing the painful impact that they have on us. 
    Without demonising the moderate use of Social Media, we speak to millennials with a calm and laid-back tone of voice, with a metaphor that other generations can understand as well.
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