• 2019
     Tailtalk Monster Pet Comb

  • The pet massage comb combines the functions of combing pet hair in their changing stage and massaging their skin to make them felling good. The comb looks like a cobblestone shape. You can feel comfortable on your hand because it is entirely made of silicone material. It’s increase the interaction between pets and people, and solve the problem of a lot of hair falling everywhere in molt.


  • Combing efficiently

    In the strong function of combing, the original slight adsorption force of the silica gel material 
    is used to increase the function of adsorbing hair and improve the efficiency of combing.  In addition, 
    the overall silicone material has a waterproof function, so is easy to clean, and has a low damage rate. 
    Its skin-friendly nature is loved by users and pets.

  • The production process


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