’HELPING HANDS’ is the first film under the new studio name of ‘Good Sin’. A humorous short montage of two hands, helping each other out. But what starts off as a charming set of hands aiding each other with random tasks such as cooking, DIY or changing the tyres, slowly turns a little dark.

    What originally started off as just one idea of the chef hands cooking, spiralled into a larger project involving many other scenarios involving these two hands. A project that spanned across a year since 2018, I went through many different iterations of colour, different cuts to get the timing and punch of each scenario to flow together and small details such as the eyes of the hands or mouth of the hands, I finally finished the project in May 2019.

    Featured on Motionogapher, Creative Boom, Stash.

    Direction, Design & Animation - Oliver Sin
    Sound Design & Music - Ambrose Yu

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