AnyThink Creativity Cards

  • ANYTHINK Creativity cards

    CRITICAL and Future Leadership joined forces and created creativity cards (Christmas gifts that were 6 months past deadline, oops). 

    These cards were designed to inspire and help creatives (because everyone is!) take action moving forward with their creative projects and a tool to explore new approaches and find new paths. We believe that design process is for everyone and the cards in this deck will give your ideas wings.

  • The deck is based on design thinking methodology and is divided into 4 sections: empathise, define, ideate and prototype. Each section has 10 different cards which you can use for different design stages.

  • Each activity includes the following: an illustration of what might become inspiration for you, a short description and helping questions if you have no idea what to do. Some tasks are individual and some are for groups, both possible to be used in different contexts.

  • To purchase the cards contact us at
    (we haven't sorted out the distribution yet)

    Year: 2019
    Photography: PACKSHOT (