#HNBMG 5 Years Anniversary

  • #HNBMG 5 Years Anniversary
  • Hôm Nay Bạn Mang Gì ? (#HNBMG) is a very well-known street-wear community and clothing brand in the Vietnamese street culture. 
    This year, to celebrate their 5th anniversary, they wanted to do something new and different rather than just releasing annual graphic-tees as usual. 
    They wanted to follow a theme of space, future and sci-fi, representing a young generation in such a modern, dynamic world we’re living in. After coming across the early version of their design and 2D concept, a 3D version of this highly detailed and mechanic logo immediately appeared in my head. 
  • 1st version 

  • The logo design was based on 2D concept. BEEPLE: ZERO-DAY and Semi-Permanent 2015 Opening Titles were my main inspirations. I also used some models form VitalyBulgarov Kitbash Collections, very handy and useful to pump up the details.


  • Astronaut

  • Spaceship

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