Slack / Frontiers 2019

  • Frontiers 2019 Intro

  • We were very excited to work with our old friends at Slack again, this time to write and create an intro video for their Frontiers conference. Armed with a colour palette and the phrase Frontiers of Possible, we got to work on a 3D journey about teamwork and the value in solving complex problems together.

  • Credits​​​​​​​

  • Client: Slack
    Directed by Giant Ant
    Executive Producer: Teresa Toews
    Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
    Script: Jay Grandin
    Storyboard & Concept Dev: Jay Grandin, Rafael Mayani, Eric Pautz, Shawn Hight, Conor Whelan, Diego Maclean
    Design: Eric Pautz, Rafael Mayani, Jay Grandin, Conor Whelan
    Technical Direction: Matt James, Eric Pautz
    3D Modelling: Eric Pautz, Shawn Hight, Diego Maclean, Will Brown, Matt James 
    2D Reference Animation: Jay Grandin, Conor Whelan
    3D Animation: Matt James, Shawn Hight, Diego Maclean, Will Brown
    Shading & Lighting: Matt James
    Compositing: Eric Pautz, Matt James
    Editing: Jay Grandin
    VO Talent: Carly Walde
    Music: Ambrose Yu
    Sound Design: Ryland Haggis, Ambrose Yu

  • Frames

  • Visual Exploration

  • Concept Art