Victory Royale! / Branding Illustration

  • I worked with E.I.E. Productions to create this supporting illustration for their ongoing Fortnite-inspired animated Youtube series. The illustration was used on posters to promote the series finale, and was also used on other branding and merchandise items such as t-shirts, cups and more.


    The Concept:

    The approach was to reimagine the two main characters: Jeremy and an off-brand, comedic version of Batman. The animation style of the series is quite simplistic, so I had a great time figuring out ways to bring more detail into the static, illustrated versions of the characters without losing their likeness.

    Given the nature of Fortnite, I wanted the characters to look like they were mid-battle, and incorporated some army-esque visuals to further emphasise this. A lot of inspiration was drawn from the likes of old war-themed arcade game art, such as Contra and Metal Slug, which helped bring a cheesy, over the top military look to the illustration: excessive guns, grenades, bullets, explosions, toothpick, facepaint, etc.
  • Final Illustration
  • Initial Concept Sketch and Planning.
  • Black and White Linework vs. Colour Versions
  • Detail Close-Ups
  • Poster Mock-Ups
  • ...THAT'S A WRAP!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this project.
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