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    I had the awesome opportunity to work on a set of 5 full-page editorial illustrations for the first issue of DevOps Culture Magazine, which also included the cover. The main article of the issue focussed on Nicole Forsgren who is quite a notable force, working in Google Cloud's research and strategy department. One of the perks of working as a commercial artist/designer is learning about new topics and fields for the projects I work on, that I wouldn't otherwise be exposed to. It goes without saying that this was certainly a very interesting read, and really fun project to work on.

    The illustration themes vary depending on the section of the article that was addressed, which ranged from portraying Forsgren as an andoid-like character behind her human mask, all the way through to her mathematical mind, her technical foresight, and even her obsession with Diet Coke, all with a bit of a sci-fi twist.

    Art Direction by Jonathan Coull (DevOps Culture / Phable).


  • Cover / Centerfold - Sketch / Final
  • Nicole Forsgren Portrait - Sketch / Final
  • Infinite Diet Coke - Sketch / Final
  • Late Night Statistics - Sketch / Final
  • Future Insight - Sketch / Final

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