The brief:
    Create a hand-bound workbook which include 1 - 2 spreads for each of the 6 studio projects you have been done throughout this second year at Lasalle. Your book should have a cover, contents page and page numbers on a page size of between A5 and A4.
    You may select a maximum 2 typefaces in 1 weight from a following selection .
    Project duration: 4 weeks
    An accordion spine book which could be view as ordinary way or pulled out. Once it’s pulled out, the cover page merge with the section divider cover create a whole image.
    Combining all the knowledge I've learned during this semester, craft, paper tessellations, book binding, photography and directing, typography and layout.
  • Content pages
  • Detail
  • Making of probs
  • Photo development
  • ---------------------------------------
    Speacial thanks to all my friends for helping me in the shooting day,
    To Colin Faulks for this creative brief, Kevin Ou for all the photography knowledge,
    Darryl Lim ,M. Dhiya ,Guo Wen and Siang Hwee for all guidance and advices.
    Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy it