Various Editorial Illustrations II

  • Various Editorial Illustrations II

    A series of editorial illustrations for clients such as The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, and NPR. These were either published as online-only digital illustrations, or both digital and in print.

    All pieces done with Procreate on the 12.9" iPad Pro and finished in Adobe Photoshop on a Windows PC.
  • Waking the Dead to Rule the Web
    Client: The Hollywood Reporter
    AD: Kelsey Stefanson

    For an article on how the CEO of Bustle Digital Group has built a career on reviving websites on life support, like Gawker, Mic, The Zoe Report, Outline, and Elite Daily.
  • Those Cuban Ballplayers? They Won’t Be Coming Here
    Client: The New York Times
    AD: Hannah K. Lee

    “President Trump killed a deal that would have allowed Cuban baseball players to enter the United States legally and safely.“
  • What Does a Woman Sound like? Vocal Training Helps Trans Women Find Their Voices
    Client: The Guardian
    AD: Juweek Adolphe

    For a piece on how voice plays an important step amidst a trans woman’s transition and how vocal training can help her find her voice. Hormone treatments can change several things about ones body except their vocal cords. And since trans people face extraordinary levels of violence, achieving a feminine voice can serve as a cloak of protection from bias and bigotry.
  • A Chain of Species Destruction at Yellowstone
    Client: The New York Times
    AD: Jim Datz

    For a piece on the inter-dependency of species in natural ecosystems, and what happens when their delicate equilibrium is disrupted. And more specifically, on how the non-native lake trout (likely illegally placed by fishermen) of Yellowstone Lake set a chain of reactions amongst the wildlife.
  • Psychologists, Men’s Groups Question What Being a Man Means
    Client: NPR
    AD: Meredith Rizzo

    For an article on how some men’s groups are looking for other ways of discussing masculinity outside of incel groups. They’re trying to find what “being a man” really means, by finding ways to support each other and promote healthy ideas of masculinity in society. Where’s masculinity headed?