"All About Her" Generative Festival Identity

  • “All About Her” — the theme of the year that was chosen by the theatre and for it’s closing festival for which the dynamic identity was created. She became the centre of the whole visual. She — a muse that grabs your attention and holds it as a vortex from which only she is able to let you go. To emphasise the idea the graphical elements were kept simple as not to take any attention from her, in contrary, to help her image to stand out. The text is a repetition of the festival’s title and it’s individual letters creates the atmosphere by having a specific angle constrained to each of them.

  • The angle of the individual letter is based on the position of the image. It is turned to it to create a sense that each and every letter is looking at the picture which emphasises the idea of the identity.

  • The picture’s size is randomly picked in order to create more variation. Therefore the position of all elements, the date, the logo and the image on the canvas is also picked by chance.