Audi PB18 E-tron - Styleframes Explorations

  • Audi PB18 E-tron Stylframes Explorations

  • dio:Couple months ago I had the pleasure to join forces with Artur Zhamaletdinov Art Director at BlackSolid for a project which started off for Roborace self-driving racing cars, and later become an Audi E-tron Project.
    My mission was to design and build the world that was gonna feature the highlights of the self-driving tech , and also to come-up with a unique look that balances between the futuristic cyberpunk aesthetics and anime setting, and the animation of some of the scenes.

    Below are some of the early Styleframes explorations during the look-dev phase where i was experimenting with some novel lighting styles 

    More about this project in the link below 
    Audi PB 18 E-Tron Brand Movie

    Studio: BlackSolid
    Client: Audi
  • ​​​​​​​Blue Hour Mood
  • Still-frames from the final movie
  • Octane Renders from the early Lighting Test (Dawn - Noon - Sunset )
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