Crowd-protection, Exhibition design 2013|Budapest

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    Backstage Gallery,Akvárium / Budapest
       Due to the fact that our basic spots have become victims of investor’s business affairs and the tendency of the state’s constant interference and control over them, we have got distracted to live and use our city as we would like to. We try to raise the attention to it and gain our common places back through artistic events, happenings etc. or through politically oriented actions that are the less spectacular ways. The aesthetics of this topic has become the focal theme of quite a few works in the age of movements ready to rejuvenate democracy. Our exhibition consists of works that make an attempt to reveal the strategies hidden behind hegemony or those that get in confrontation with them.
    Bognár Benedek és Simon Zsuzsanna, Csüllög András, Erhardt Miklós, Hory Gergely, Kefenef, Kisspál Szabolcs, Koronczi Endre, Szacsvay Pál
    Lődi Virág, Szarvas Márton
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