Vallindras Kitron Distillery

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    Kitron is a traditional citron liqueur produced on the Greek island of Naxos. Vallindras Distillery is based, since 1896, in the heart of Chalki village, the old capital of Naxos. G Design Studio was asked to reimagine their emblematic Kitron and their brand in order to create a contemporary look while reflecting the unique history behind the brand. We achieved this goal using bespoke typographic elements, focusing on the detailed design. The Kitron Naxou liqueur is available in three different versions; the yellow (with 36% alcohol content and no sugar), the white (with 33% alcohol content and low sugar content) and the green one (with 30% alcohol content and a higher sugar content). 
  • Agency: gdesignstudio © 2018
    Client: Vallindras Kitron Distillery
    Creative Direction: Michalis Georgiou, Dimitris Stefanidis
    Senior Designer: Anna Trympali
    Ermis Awards 2018: Gold
    Ebge 2018: Gold