• Aberjung object | Corporate Identity & Productdesign

    Aberjung Object is design, passion & the showcase of Design Agency Aberjung.
    Art meets function. Pure material meets clear design. In East Tyrol, where the value of traditional craftsmanship is still highly reflected, pure materials originate and result in true art objects. These objects impress through their unique design. When in use the object clearly differs from the inactive state. An added value that is visually apparent. When inactive, as a pure art object whereas in interaction with the user, focused on function. Every single piece of furniture is an interpretation of genuine objects from the past. Whether it be an old milking stool or a summit cross – the origin of the design is the same. The east tyrollean lark is a strong yet elegant raw material that serves as the foundation of all aberjung object furniture designs. Carefully chosen and processed down to the last detail. The brushed surface creates a unique haptic experience. Applying high-quality wood stain, two very different shades can be realized: nature-brown and snow-white. The metal brass acts as a high-contrast partner. Precisely processed and solidly connected to the wood, this component always forms the backbone. The brushed finish and subsequent conservation through a special oil coating add the final touches to the brass.