• 600(c) Apartment

    Year: 2019
    Size: 72,6 sq.m.
    Status: Concept 
    Location: Minsk, Belarus
    Architect: Kanstantsin Remez

    email:  kostya.remez97@gmail.com​​​​​​​
    tel: +375 (29) 680-75-35
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  • In my opinion, the main disadvantage of the existing layout is the segregation of premises. 
    Small area of common space has been divided into even smaller segments. 
    Storage areas are located in separate rooms, small in size, living room and kitchen are also isolated. 
    As a result, we have a corridor system that is larger in area than the living room.
    and functionally not used. (20,5 sq.m> 15,8 sq.m.)
      Based on the design principles: rationality in the use of space, conciseness of form, simplicity of material.
    I put planning of the space in the first. After I got rid of partitions, It became possible to visually expand the kitchen-living room area and add light to the common area. The living room configuration is set to communicate, the TV area has a “hidden” configuration that stands voluminous accents in the apartment.

  • Entrance area. View at the entrance to the apartment.

  • Living room. The main focus is the volume, the material only emphasizes it. The task was to make the living room, which would be located to communicate. For this,  the TV zone is a hidden option that can be opened at the right moment
    and hidden when it is not needed.

  • Thanks!

    email: kostya.remez97@gmail.com​​​​​​​
    tel: +375 (29) 680-75-35
    social: -instagram​​​​​​​-

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