Droops, The next generation of single-serve coffee

  • New Generation
    Of Coffee Capsules.

    Wastefree Single Served Coffee pods. 
    With coating made of 100% Biological Materials.

    Partnering with a food-safe/edible coating company in USA which is added to the 
    shell to encapsulate and providing good moisture and oxidation barrier. 
  • Why Droops?

    60 billion coffee capsules of waste 
    created due to aluminium-free & 
    plastic-free non-sustainable pods.

    There are enough coffee pods buried on the planet 
    to circle the earth more than a couple dozen times as quoted by BBC. 
    We need a real solution that requires easy to almost 
    zero effort to recycling or composting these packaging.  
    As mentioned in the Global Coffee Report (GCR). Therefore the Answer Lies In Droops.
  • The Magic Lies In The Coating!

    The elimination of individual packaging will require a good 
    protective coating alternative. A food-safe/edible layer is added to the 
    shell to encapsulate and providing good moisture and oxidation barrier. 
  • Droops Has The Solution!

    A simple idea like Droops that can solve a global concern to coffee consumption.
    As conceptualized in 2016, Droops has been in the development process to find 
    the best partners to this amazing solution. We believe we have an answer now.
    Project was widely discussed and published on media such as BBC, Fast Company, etc.
  • Droops' Flavor House

    Coffee blends from Serious
    to Fun, we have it all. 

    The single-served coffee industry has been relatively slow in innovation when it comes to flavors. 
    Droops envisions flavors that are not only tasty but also unimaginable.
    Almost like Willy Wonka's adaptation to candy, Droops' flavor ranges from 
    pure coffee flavors to New blends and also Reactive coffee flavors.
    Our droop balls will cover specialty coffee, soluble coffee (instant coffee) espresso, 
    3 in 1, american coffee, filter coffee, bio coffee, sustainable coffee sources.
  • Our packing packaging is meant to explore sustainable organic packaging like tubes 
    made of rice husk and printing is done minimally with plant extracted ink.

    The responsibility of eco-sustainability lies in everyone. Do your part now and 
    pledge your support by joining our mailing list at,

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    We are published on Global Coffee Report. Check it Out.