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  • #SexTrafficking

  • Adult women and girls account for 71 percent of all human trafficking victims detected globally. Women and girls are clearly the disproportionate victims of human trafficking with 75 percent trafficked for the purpose of drug addicted sexual exploitation.
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  • #VirginProblem

  • Hymen elasticity allows 50% of all the virgins in the world to use a tampon without loosing the virginity , but for the other half of women it is still "equal to death" due to cultural and religious restrictions.

  • Globally, almost 750 million women and girls alive today, married before their eighteenth birthday. Those who suffer from child marriage often experience early pregnancy which is a key factor in the premature end of education. As mothers and wives, girls become socially isolated and are at an increased risk for domestic violence. Child marriage is one the most devastating examples of gender inequality, as it limits women’s opportunities and their ability to reach their full individual potential.


  • Inspiration for this illustration is #EqualPayDay – the day women's wages catch up to a man's earnings from the previous year. As a woman I'm shouting outloud through this illustration about underpaid female workers all around the world.The wage gap is still a big problem that feminism tries to solve.


  • Sex selective abortion is a form of gender discrimination. Today, around 126 million women are believed to be "missing" around the world.

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