• Level

    Level is a conceptual modular home computer. The concept explores how personal electronic devices can stand the test of time, how they will age and in which context they can be used meaningfully, even after their primary function became obsolete.

    The device was designed with the intent to be used in different scenarios over the course of its life. Level encourages users to keep the device for longer by making the hardware adaptable to different needs and by offering the possibility to give your Level a new use through digital content services.

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  • Explore, understand & inspire

    Level introduces a modular system that allows for hardware upgrades and modifications in a predefined framework, made specifically for users who have never worked with the internal components of a computer before.

    The system is all about mediating complexity. Level tries to encourage interest in the technologies that are at the core of the device through openness and simplicity. Level tries to identify a sweet-spot at the intersection of modularity and simplicity, upgradability and user-friendliness.

  • Reincarnation

    Which reasons make us leave our old hardware behind? How could our devices be used even if they became obsolete for their original function? 

    Level’s hardware can live on as an entirely new product by adding digital services like a streaming subscription. It’s intended to be as neutral as possible in order to reincarnate in different contexts over the course of its life.

  • Caring Cameras

    We spent most of our workday in front of a screen. The integrated camera array creates an abstract model of the area in front of the screen in order to warn you if you’ve adopted a bad posture for too long.

  • Space & Time Manager

    The Space & Time Manager is the third peripheral device that is used together with Keyboard, Trackpad or Mouse. A layer of paint below the frosted glass surface, makes the screen appear white even when switched off, in order to blend in better with desk surfaces.

    The device displays GUI window controls or app-specific interactive elements and lets you keep track of your screen time and main tasks. If you ever lose track of all the windows you’ve opened, just shake it to clean everything up.

    In case Level is used without a display, it doubles as a small visual interface for VUI conversations. If it's not in use, it charges at the back of the display unit and doubles as an on/off switch.

  • Functional Layouts

    The space & time manager can be used in various layouts together with other peripheral devices, to achieve better ergonomics and uninterrupted workflows.

  • Key Highlights

    Visually highlight shortcuts and other main buttons for different applications.

  • Display Articulation

    If Level’s base is installed on a magnetic pad, the curved underside allows for about 30 degrees of screen articulation.​​​​​​​

  • Adaptable Screen

    Level’s screen is detachable and can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically on the base. You can change the screen size and orientation depending on your primary workflow. You can use an empty base unit as a screen stand or bring your own display.