haunted images on regular sale — branding

    branding design for haunted.studio — a platform selling art photography prints online.

    The Challenge
    The main challenge was to design a brand, attractive and at the same time fresh, which would also leave space for a proper presentation of the photographs on sale. This is why, working with the owner of the haunted studio, we decided to focus on those photographs as the very product of the brand. Hence a question: how to select a proper set of motifs and frames in order to trigger in the consumer's exact emotions, and not only to make the display aesthetic?
    On the other hand, in the www design, we have been prioritizing the useful values — how to make it easier to sell and buy products, such as artistic photographs, online. We noticed that similar stores in the Polish market are all alike and copy solutions, which not necessarily respond to individualized consumers' demands. They also show too elaborated offer, which lacks properly selected valuable products. In sum: there are only a few places in which highly sophisticated demands are met or places which would like to shape them.

    The Response
    Having known that we will base our design on the photographs from the haunted collection, we've decided to design a logotype and to introduce identification for typographic headwords. The use of typography helped us to send precise messages, which would not challenge the visual value of the photographs. The headwords included in identification are supposed to turn consumer's attention towards the importance of the environment we live in, and more precisely, our home and its walls. The haunted studio is a platform, which wants to facilitate an easy purchase of products and allow people to experience art in everyday life.

    Besides the identification and www, we have also taken the task of producing items that could be sold by the haunted.studio as their own. For starters, it will be posters with photos in different sizes, sets of postcards, one-time tattoos, and towels with prints. In the future, the offer will be extended by other useful objects. We've been inspired by personalized gadgets, very popular in Poland, that use private photos. We've decided to apply this idea to make artistic photography more available in Polish homes.

    To make the choice of print easier, and to improve the experience of buying online, we've designed custom made functions. We've replaced lists with available formats (which very often confuse customers with regard to the actual size of design) with visualizations, which make all the possibilities more palpable. One can also see, thanks to the panel adjusting the color of the background, how a particular photo could match the color of our wal

    Photographs used in project by Tom Margol
    Photography by Oni Studio 
  • website haunted.studio coming soon — stay tuned!​​​​​​​