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    We are the team of researchers, designers and engineers those have created Evapolar. We believe that our mission is to produce personal microclimate completely eco-friendly and safe. Over the last 4 years we have developed 2 innovative products which are currently being used by over 25 000 people in 145 countries around the world.

    During the design process of our products we elaborate effective ways of approaching several global problems: reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, improvement people’s health and quality of life. All of the above have become possible with the creation and shaping everyone’s own personal microclimate. Thus was born the very concept of our third device - easily controlled, ergonomic, mobile and  much more affordable compared to the previous models.

  • Comfort atmosphere of each person is absolutely unique. Everyone tends to form a pleasant working, relaxing or, say, meditation space around themselves. One of the most important matters in this case is the air we are breathing. Here, at Evapolar our everyday concern is what our users inhale. Nowadays about 90% families worldwide have an air conditioner. Cooling systems maintenance expenses surpass 11 billion dollars per year and around 100 million tons of carbon dioxide thrown into the atmosphere by them. That is exactly as much as 19 million cars’ exhaust.
    EvaCHILL cooling technology is based on a natural evaporative cooling effect combined with an exclusive and patented inorganic EvaBreeze ® material. As a result this working principle is not just the most energy efficient and eco-friendly one, but also the safest as there’s no carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere and the power consumption is minimal.

  • evaCHILL 
    evaCHILL is our third product, most balanced and portable in the line of evaporative air conditioners. We paid special attention to the ergonomics of our device. By thoroughly testing all the stages of user interaction with evaCHILL, we created a perfect user experience formula step by step. In evaCHILL we were able to implement the concept of a simple and intuitive design, combined with thoughtful functionality, so that our device would delight you always and everywhere.


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