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    Zenoti is the #1 cloud software for salon and spas. We developed two videos about the story of Rachel and Willy: A salon owner and friendly robot assistant overcoming obstacles together and keeping the salon organized and running.

    Light and pastel colors for a trendy and warm environment are combined with orange for a connection to the brand. Use of lines and flat colors to highlight main actions, and some extra patterns add a little fun to our magic graphic combo. Animations are organic and Willy takes up the screen with his multiple cute faces.

    Bring on the perm panics!

  • Some of our frames from the design process 
    Lots of color and fun! :)

  • Thanks!

    Directed by: NotReal
    Produced by: Kasana

    Creative Direction: Valeria Moreiro & Milton Gonzalez
    Executive Production: Roberto Connolly
    Production Manager: Joana Cabrera

    Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro
    Animation Direction: Milton Gonzalez
    Design: Octavio Pollono, Valeria Moreiro
    Character Design: Milton Gonzalez

    Animation: Roberto Connolly, Milton Gonzalez, Juampi Sciaccaluga
    Clean Up: Joana Cabrera, Nahuel Scala, Jesica Bianchi, Milton Gonzalez

    Agency: Demo Duck
    Producer: Patricia Cando
    Associate Creative Director: Kelsie Ozamiz
    Music and Sound Design: Humberto Corte

    Client: Zenoti
    Year: 2019