The Queens of Singapore in White

  • This is the original direction for The Queens of Singapore.
    I wanted to show the beauty of colour against a light background.​​​​​​​

    I always felt the female form is so beautiful with many curves and expressed 
    in unique poses. I have been trying to include people of colour in my illustrations instead of always just one skin tone because there are many and not just one.

    In Singapore, I think wage is pretty fair but we are still suppressed by the ideals of how a girl should behave and marriage seems to be the most important thing in a girl's life and she should give birth to children and let her man work while she take care of the children. 

    I honestly do not agree with this ideals and I have met many like minded strong girls.
    We are the new generation of female and we will show you a new perspective. We will right the wrongs of the past generation. We will live freely and not be chained by old ideals. We will make our own decisions and live by them. We will express ourselves uniquely and true to who we are.

    We are The Queens of Singapore.

  • Cheers!