36 Days of Type 2019 - Parallax

  • 36 Days of Type 06 - 2019 Edition
  • "36 Days of Type started as a personal project for graphic designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea. They decided to challenge themselves to create something new and experiment every day. Since then, Nina and Rafa have inspired the world to push its creative boundaries. 36 Days of Type continues its expansion this year by bringing in prominent designers to help judge the submissions. The “36” days correspond with the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet (A–Z), plus ten single-digit numerals (0–9). Anyone can design their own letterforms at their own pace following the calendar days." 
  • My submission for the 6th Edition of the 36 Days of Type Challenge 2019
    36daysoftype.com Instagram page: @36daysoftype
    You can have a look on my dribbble page: @vilayat
    You can have a look on my instagram page: @vilayatt