• 2018.03~Present

    DODO is 10hour-hackathon to do personal project which has been delayed because of busy daily life. We all dream to start our own project whether it is realistic or not. But we don't have much time and hard to start something new. DODO stands for "DO what you want to DO". It can be anything - studying, writing, designing impractical app or challenge something different. Based on this idea, Team DODO made monthly hackathon which is not heavy compared to general hackathon. To express DODO's unconstrained identity, I made flexible logo to transform it freely.
  • DODO Name tag

    In DODO, participants have never met each other before although we have to spend 10hours. I made name tag and to do list sticker to present what they will do in DODO easily. Then It became the symbol of DODO. 
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