Location : Ukraine, Kyiv
    Project Year: 02-19 - 03-19

    Modeling & Visualization: Ivan Tymchuk
    Interior Design

  • #Loft from old factories to stylish urban apartments. This is about a bedroom that I made for an IT specialist in the city #kiev

    Design for a young IT specialist. It was an old factory where the newspapers were printed.
    This is a combination of decorative plaster, concrete and brass, glass and natural wood and decorative marmur.  Built-in LED lights, floors and large outdoor plants add comfort and warmth. The main color range is monochrome - gray, black. We would like to make a simple modern design in the loft style.

  • LED lights. This way of lighting will be especially advantageous to look in a small apartment. Such a “magic” light will visually make the space lighter and will add volume to it.
  • Suspended lamps. This type of lighting is popular not only because of its uniqueness, but also its functionality. Thanks to loose wires, they are often used in conjunction with chains, such lamps can be easily lowered and raised to the desired height, creating a kind of garland.
  • The main requirements for furniture in this style are functionality and conciseness. For example, small objects (chairs, puffs, armchairs, tables, hangers) can be on wheels for unimpeded movement around the room. Using such items, you can easily free up additional space at any time. As for materials, traditionally preference is given to leather, plastic, high-quality wood, high-strength steel and aluminum with chrome inserts.
  • For the loft is characterized by the use of diverse sources of lighting. With the help of a large number of lamps you can not only perfectly illuminate the space in the dark, but also zone it, emphasizing each living area separately.
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